Aims and Objectives


Our vision is to: pave the way for a new generation of inspirational humans through nurturing individual talents and encouraging the exploration of everything.


We believe that the world needs more happy, creative, collaborative, and conscientious humans, whose dreams plant the seeds of the future.  

We Achieve this by:

Igniting Curiosity

We question why, how far and how much.  When we get the responses we were looking for, we ask why again.  We ponder questions which have no solutions , and examine those with infinite answers.  We respect our mistakes, as part of the learning process and of normal life. We debate, we analyse and grow our knowledge through thinking critically whilst fact-checking and respecting expertise. We allow ourselves to become absorbed in the flow and the detail but always keep in the bigger picture in mind. 

Breathing Creativity

We are free to roam and explore in an outdoor environment that offers up limitless opportunities to be creative. We make, bake, experiment and imagine. We sow, grow, harvest and learn. We express ourselves through the arts, using skill and imagination to share with others. Nature is our canvas and our toolkit and we are free to invent whatever captures our curiosity. Because we have the freedom to create, invent and explore we are resourceful, ingenious and find creative solutions to complex problems. Our dreams are our wings.

Creating Community

We are individual and yet part of something bigger than ourselves. We embrace difference and diversity and seek ways to find meaningful connections with each other and our local community. We speak many languages and use peaceful communication in all of our interactions. We demonstrate compassion, develop empathy and show self-awareness in our interactions with others. We actively seek to cooperate, collaborate and leave no one behind. Together we can do anything! 

Enriching Experience

We are stimulated by our environment which provides us with infinite possibilities to learn and grow. Every moment of every day presents us with a new opportunity to explore. Our learning is self-directed and we are encouraged to follow our curiosity until it is thoroughly sated. Our teachers and mentors are attuned to our needs and personal styles so that we may develop who we really are. We are exposed to real world situations and challenges that stretch us beyond our comfort zones and with this we outstretch our wings and learn to fly.

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