Dearest parents, 

We are super excited to start a new year, after the last few (shall we say) unexpected months. I am so deeply grateful for how organically our vision is manifesting opportunities to show us how to teach our children through our own real life experiences. 

We want to raise children who cannot only survive but flourish in a constantly changing and unpredictable world. Able to be humble and learn and grow from their mistakes. Able to form real, honest human relationships, built on love, trust and respect, with the power to express their own needs and compassionately understand the needs of others. Who can critically analyse a situation to find their own truth, amongst the midst of a thousand voices. To be excited and inspired by change, whilst both flexible and resilient. To love themselves, unafraid to explore their natural gifts and share them with the deserving others, who they wisely choose to surround themselves with. Ethical and conscientious, charismatic and creative… Not asking a lot are we? 

Perhaps we should try to walk in these shoes, before expecting our children to do so for us? This is one of my lessons thanks to covid. I am grateful for this opportunity to have lived the uncertainty we aim to teach and I am proud that we continued to get up every day and try our best. I am proud of our curiosity to research and question to find our truth. I am proud of the logistical thinking provoked to navigate through this storm. I am proud of the reflection, evaluation and humble learning from all of our mistakes and triumphs. We are truly amazing beings. I am proud of all of us. 

This being said, it is now time to breathe, as we relax back into routine… The children are coming back to school! Woo hoo! Please read the following important notices:


After listening to parent feedback in some key areas, we have decided that all teachers shall teach to their strengths this year for key subjects. Rita will remain the class teacher for Y1/2, Andres for Y3/4 and myself for Y5/6. However, throughout the curriculum days (Mon, Tues and Thurs), we have decided to place the children on a carousel so they get the best from each of us. Therefore, I will teach English to the whole school, Andres will teach Maths to the whole school and Rita will teach specialist subjects Building, Growing, Cooking and Art in Portuguese, supported in their key areas by our parent specialists Lucy and Erga. On Wednesday, which is our service learning day, the whole school will also speak Portuguese all day for all activities. We would be grateful if parents also tried to join in by communicating in Portuguese, when you drop off/pick up on Wednesdays. 

Please find a link to the timetable below for more information. Children will use project based learning, across all subject areas:

EYFS parents will receive their timetable from Sonia. You will also receive an individual email from your class teacher at the end of this week.

Items to Bring

Please take note of the following items that your child should bring with them, some of which may be stored here:

  • Labeled water bottle
  • Hat
  • Waterproof Clothes
  • Snack (fruit/nuts)
  • Pencil case with stationary (Primary only)
  • Two special books (we are going to place an emphasis on how much we also record in Portuguese this year and therefore would like you to allow your child to choose/bring in two special books from home. One will be used as their cookery book to write recipes in Portuguese and the other will be used as their apothecary diary, where they can write about all of their potions, plants and animals in Portuguese. We would like these to be special books, which you can keep for the future (Primary only).

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