We have a fabulous group of volunteers helping out at the new site – unfortunately we don’t have all the resources we need for them to get on with the job. We are asking for your help. Here is the list from Lucy for what she needs, please see what you can either loan or help buy:

Tools Materials
Angle -grinder
Post hole digger
Post Rammer

Wooden reapers
PlanksTongue and groove
Any Rope, big Rope, lots of Rope 
Fencing…. 75m of 2m tall chicken fence.
Fence posts…. 2.5 m by 10 or 15 cm
Marine ply or solid wood to cut a hole in and put the toilet seats on in the compost loos…

Jobs the team are currently working on

🌀Building dry toilets
🌀Building early years provision with pallets
🌀Digging postholes and building animal fencing and EY fence
🌀Cutting brambles and digging out roots for burning
🌀Clearing wooded play area. As above.
🌀 Laying underground water pipe to EY and outdoor toilets

Materials we are struggling to find/transport……. 

🍀Building wood especially planks/board for paneling the toilets.
🍀Getting the chicken house from near Trigo Vermelho and bringing it here. 
🍀roofing panels for compost toilets.
🍀Taps and urinals for outdoor toilets

If you can help with tool-loan, tool and material purchase, or your volunteering time on a specific project please get in touch with the school, or the Parents Group through your parent rep or fill in the form below.

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