Meet our team

Dedicated and passionate people with a common vision.



Angelina is the Founder and Director of the Story Forest. She has over 13 years experience as a fully qualified primary teacher and senior leader. Angelina as a visionary, is fully committed to the next generation, believing wholly in our individual potential as human beings and realising the importance of us choosing to be here during this historical time of change. Angelina believes that her purpose is to facilitate the mastery of individual talents, while supporting the psychological development and well being of gifted others. As an endless dreamer, she believes that all dreams can and will come true and is driven to support children to trust in and achieve their dreams.



Early Years Teacher

I am a qualified teacher with 10 years experience in UK and 2 at Story Forest. 
Since I remember...I always wanted to be a teacher, but thought my school years had not always been easy so my mission  was to change the school system. Later, my dream became to bring childhood as I remember mine, long days of playing free in nature.
I want to make a difference to every single child, each day a little... Together. 


Early Years Teacher

Katima is a cultural anthropologist for social cohesion and innovation with over 5 years of experience in international cooperation in multiple countries.
She has worked as a teacher at Pushchino Winter School, Russia, and as a freelance professor at various universities.
She has a long history of exploring dance and theatre for body intelligence activation and art-therapy.


Key stage one leader

Rita is a qualified social worker specialising in education with 12 years experience. Her conviction is that “We learn how to learn” She teaches primary Portuguese to all years

Her mission as a professional is to teach the technical abilities that will allow the children to learn independently, creating a bridge between the child’s background and the skills and tools we provide at Story Forest.




Math Teacher

I have always followed Rudolph Steiner’s advice to receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.” I believe that all children are unique with boundless potential, and as such I assist them in their life-long learning journey by focusing on their wellbeing, nurturing their sense of respect for others and themselves.

My educational philosophy recognises that every day in the classroom is a new beginning. As such, I present a curriculum that stimulates different learning styles, by making content fun and memorable, and I champion a communicative, collaborative,  hands-on approach that engages and activates students’ learning.



Aaron is an astrophysics graduate with a master’s degree in aerospace dynamics. He qualified as a teacher in 2008 from Cardiff University and, after a year teaching in a further education college in Wales, moved to China. Over the ensuing 7 years, Aaron taught physics, chemistry, and mathematics to students aged 15-18. He also progressed into management as the head of science in two schools. In 2016 Aaron and his partner left China, they got married and headed off to find a home in Europe. Eventually landing in Alentejo and deciding to lay down routes, Aaron has been teaching at primary and secondary schools in the south of Portugal since 2017. Aaron is passionate about studying the sciences and has recently become interested in the science of complex systems. He enjoys spending time with his family and training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.



I'm Lucy, self taught herbalist and organic gardener. I left the UK in 2007 to move to a smallholding in Central Portugal where I unschooled my 2 boys for 10 years. 

We arrived in Aljezur in our van 2 years ago looking for inspiration, and we found it at story forest!  
I am passionate about the incredible local wild food and medicine we are surrounded by, and I love passing this knowledge and love on to the children in my lessons, and they love to receive it!
Nature walks are a favourite way to spark interest and engagement, and we always find something fascinating to explore.
I also love to create beautiful healing gardens full of herbs and food for the children to explore and enjoy, teaching them how to work with nature and create biodiversity and abundance in their surroundings..


Art Teacher

Erga grew up in Israel and studied fine art in Jerusalem before continuing her studies and working in the field of art and communication in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Erga loves working with children on expressing themselves through the medium of art and she puts emphasis on group work as well as the personal development of each child. At Story Forest, Erga is dedicated to working with the children on different art and craft disciplines, while integrating the learning of the Portugese language in creative ways throughout the lessons.