School Projects

Project-Based Learning

At the Story Forest, we use project-based learning. At the beginning of each term, we ask the children what they are interested in learning about. Teachers then work as co-researchers to explore these areas of interest by challenging children with appropriate driving questions, via which to formulate their projects. 

Service Learning

Every Wednesday, we provide service-learning opportunities for our children to work within our local community. This includes the old people’s home, local children’s home, animal rescue shelter, organic market stall, and local restaurant management. 

Our older children from 7-11 go out into the community and younger children between 3-7 years embark on service learning within the school, including our exciting new elderly artisans project.

Elderly Artisans

After the stunning success of Old People’s Home for 4 year olds, and various other successful trials around the world, joining Early Years and Care Home facilities, we are very excited to welcome guests from our local old people’s home to enjoy time in Early Years. Allowing them the opportunity to pass on their skills and knowledge and increase in strength and self-esteem, while allowing cross-generational, cultural, and language learning opportunities for our children.

This project is on hold due to current covid restrictions.

Dragon Dreaming

Older children are taught how to use Dragon Dreaming as a project management design philosophy to enable them to materialize their dreams into reality. This has resulted in a variety of impressive child-led projects and initiatives, including a Harry Potter weekend, downhill bike track, Valentine’s Day festa to name a few.

Children learn that every dream is achievable with the right team and good intentions. 

Community Allotment & Seed Bank

Our new community allotment and seed bank projects, which will begin in January 2021 are aimed to provide a space where members of our local community can exchange time for vegetables, socialise, learn important life skills and develop language skills. 

Sensory Garden

Our new community sensory garden project is designed to provide horticultural therapy for 12 different types of disability. We actively welcome members of the community to join us in the construction of this magical space, providing integration opportunities for members of our local community who are elderly, have a disability, or who are in recovery, as well as providing a space for the traditional Portuguese community events.