At the Story Forest, we take every opportunity to express ourselves artistically. We produce one community production per term, linked to themes we have been learning about. Even during quarantine, we decided that ´the show must go on’ and transformed our end of term performance into an Animovie! 

Our performances are original, cutting edge, and thought-provoking. You are very welcome to enjoy our next show, which we will be performing at Christmas called Made in China: The Musical. 

We also enjoy performing at the Aljezur Christmas market and our local old people’s home. 

In addition to this, we host half-termly open mic nights, where all members of the community are invited to share their talents on stage.

Fun Fridays are dedicated to performance rehearsal. Our children engage in a variety of activities including props/scenery/costume design and construction as well as a performance including music, dance, and drama and are also responsible for backstage management. 

We believe deeply in the power of the stage, to provide opportunities for creative expression, confidence building, and other forms of drama therapy, and take every opportunity to celebrate our gifts on stage!